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Penetration Test Course Outline

Kali Linux is a pen testing and security auditing platform with advanced tools to identify, detect, and exploit any vulnerability uncovered in the target network environment. Applying appropriate testing methodology with defined business objectives and a scheduled test plan will result in robust penetration testing of your network.

Course Module:

•    Beginning with Kali Linux
•    Penetration testing methodology
•    Target scoping
•    Information gathering
•    Target discovery
•    Enumerating target
•    Vulnerability mapping
•    Social engineering
•    Target exploitation
•    Privilege escalation
•    Maintaining access
•    Documentation and reporting
•    Supplementary tools

Duration: 1 Month

Intended audience:

•    If you are an IT security professional or network administrator who has a basic knowledge of Unix/Linux operating systems including an awareness of information security factors, and you want to use Kali Linux for penetration testing, then this course is for you.

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