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Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT)


Acclaiming the resounding success of its Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Course, EC-Council has taken a step further towards its goal of providing the security related professional certifications on penetration testing. EC-Council’s latest offering is the Licensed Penetration Tester Certification. This course is meant to validate all the knowledge of penetration testing by providing you a practical expertise of the best practices in the security domain globally.

This certification differs from the normal security certifications provided by its counterpart by providing a versatile approach towards security.  A Licensed Penetration Tester is expected to critically analyze the network architecture and suggest the curative measures. EC-Council’s license speaks for their expertise level and professionalism.

This certification is creatively designed to ensure that a strict ethical code is adopted and followed by all the security professionals licensed by EC-Council. This courseware teaches all about the compliance requirements required by the industry apart from introducing you the best practices in the pen testing domain.

Network Security testing via Penetration Testing

Pen Testing is a process of extensively scanning a network for the vulnerabilities and further exploiting them. With a surge in cybercrimes and its devastating effect on an organization’s reputation, most of the companies and establishments are opting for periodic testing of their network.

Since the life cycle of the software or hardware products are very less these days, the networks are more viable to attacks, if they do not opt for regular updates and maintenance of their network. Penetration Testing is thus seen more as an associated task for an organization rather than a mere one-time assessment. Realizing the importance of network security, most of the companies are investing on IT Security training for the employees on a broader scale.

Benefits of LPT Certification

• International Recognition: It enables you to practice penetration testing and consultation internationally.
• Industrial acceptance: You will be a legal and ethical security professional as per the industry standards.
• Knowledge-Base: With your membership, you will have an access to all the EC-Council software, report frameworks and the standard methodologies.
• License to practice: All the organizations accredited to EC-Council are available for practicing and conducting penetration testing.


1. EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking Certification (CEH)
2. EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Certification (ECSA)

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